When recoating with Coliseum floor coatings, the 24-hour recoat window begins after the first coat dries to a tack-free condition. Wait several hours after the first coat is tack-free before applying the second coat. Curing problems may result if there is not enough time between coats.

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About the Reflections® Wood Floor Program

A wood floor is one of the most expensive and prestigious floor types, and an investment that should be protected. A wood floor properly maintained following the Buckeye Reflections Wood Floor Care Program will deliver years of beauty, performance, safety, and durability.

This program provides the most environmentally safe, VOC compliant Arena® water-based wood floor coatings and high performance, VOC compliant Coliseum® oil-based wood floor coatings on the market - along with other products including Screen Clean® Ready-To-Use Floor Prep Cleaner, Tenacity® Pre-Cleaner, Buckeye Green Light™ Daily Cleaner, Floortonic™ Burnishing Liquid, and AquaDust™ Dust Mop Treatment.

These products make it easy to use the equipment that is already available in your facilities, and the program is cost effective, easy to follow, and will extend the life of your floors. The Reflections Wood Floor Program also offers hands-on training at no cost to the customer, and all of the Reflections products are stocked throughout North America at Buckeye’s exclusive network of Buckeye Cleaning Centers and independent distributors. Visit our Products page to learn more about each of these products.

Our seminars are hands-on educational events featuring the products, procedures and equipment needed for a complete wood floor care program.

  • How to choose the best wood coating for your floor
  • How to save time, money and avoid lengthy downtime
  • Learn about environmentally safer solutions for your wood floors

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